EzyTile Stone Tiles

EzyTile interlocking stone tiles

At last you can enjoy a delightful outdoor entertaining area with an elegant natural stone or ceramic tiled surface without all the hassle, frustration and hard work of laying tiles the conventional way.

Our simple interlocking tile system makes it easy for anyone to enjoy the outdoor flooring of their dreams – no tradespersons required and no DIY skills needed.

Natural stone or ceramic tiles are bonded to a plastic mesh base with connecting tabs on all sides. So you just clip the tiles together, automatically guaranteeing precise spacing, perfect alignment and securely locked in position.  And you can lay the tiles over most smooth, hard surfaces (although existing concrete is generally the best base)… ready to enjoy in a matter of hours, not days.

  • no messy mixing, spreading and clean up of adhesives or thin set
  • no tedious, time consuming grouting
  • perfect alignment guaranteed by foolproof clip together installation
  • automatic precise and consistent tile spacing, without using tile spacers
  • perfectly consistent tile heights


EzyTile stone and ceramic tiles can be laid on most solid surfaces such as concrete or existing wood decks, provided the surface is as smooth and even as possible so the tiles don’t “rock”. But other than that, unless you need to cut the tiles to fit around posts or pipes or to fit precisely within a specific shaped area, the only equipment you’ll need is a tape measure (and a pair of sturdy work gloves).

The EzyTile range is available in the following materials. Click on the ‘View Details’ button to see specifications and characteristics of each product.


Slate Patio Tiles

In both ultra modern and more traditional settings, the texture, luster and classic colors of natural slate never fails to impress.


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Granite Patio Tiles

Granite has long been the paving of choice for upscale plazas and forecourts of commercial buildings. And for good reason. Its classic good looks, durability, and wear resistance are unmatched by most other paving materials.


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Ceramic Patio Tiles

With a fine top layer of silica sand for superior slip resistance, EzyTile ceramic tiles make an ideal flooring for three season porches, exposed exterior patios, or balconies and rooftops, provided the sub-surface is smooth and level.


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