Interlocking Wood Tiles

SwiftDeck wood deck tiles

It’s hard to beat the classic beauty of a natural hardwood deck, but a conventional wood deck can be very expensive to build and difficult to construct over existing patios or balconies.
But fortunately there’s another way…

SwiftDeck interlocking wood deck tiles simply clip together over any hard surface such as concrete or even existing wood decks, for instant outdoor wood flooring that not only looks great and wears well, but survives blistering hot sun, drenching rain, mounds of snow and freezing ice for years to come.

And what makes SwiftDeck wood deck tiles so long lasting?  Firstly, we only use a wood species (Ipe) that’s recognized as one of the hardest and most durable species commercially available, which remains looking attractive year after year and not low cost species that decay rapidly when exposed to weather. Secondly, we only use wood that’s 9/16″ thick, not cheaper wood that’s less than 1/2″ thick and can easily twist or warp. And thirdly, we use stainless steel screws to attach the wood to the plastic base, not lower cost screws that can rust and fail over time.

Please note that these interlocking tiles are NOT designed for raised decking using a pedestal system, since the plastic base is somewhat flexible. For pedestal supported elevated decks including commercial applications, we supply 24″ x 24″ solid Ipe wood structural tiles which are specifically designed for laying over pedestal systems. These tiles, which are not interlocking but use thicker Ipe wood screwed to solid Ipe wood bearers, are generally used on larger spaces and where a perfectly horizontal (non sloping) roof deck is required.

Ipe Wood Deck Tiles

When you need an outdoor floor that’s as hard as nails, that survives pouring rain, freezing ice, dumps of snow or blazing sun but still looks good year after year, then SwiftDeck Ipe deck tiles would be your obvious choice.




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