Structural Porcelain Tiles

Stain resistant, scratch resistant, frost resistant, fireproof.

At last there’s an alternative to bulky concrete pavers for landscape paving, rooftop decks, plazas and terraces. No need to suffer the poor stain resistance, heavy weight and typically uninspiring color choices of concrete pavers.

Heavy duty structural porcelain pavers give you the same outstanding style and color options as modern interior ceramic tiles, like simulated wood with realistic natural features, stone like finishes with mica flecks, rustic terracotta or even modern cement like finishes, plus they incorporate all the benefits of regular porcelain outdoor tile – exceptional stain resistance, scratch resistance, frost resistance and low maintenance. But their extra thickness gives them exceptional strength and load bearing capacity. A 3/4″ thick porcelain paver can typically support up to 2000lb (static load capacity), yet weighs much less than a similar size concrete patio paver, so is much easier to transport, deliver to site and install.

Where can you use them?

You can lay porcelain outdoor pavers directly over sand, gravel or even grass, just like concrete pavers – without any adhesives, grout or specialized labor required. You just place the paving slabs over your compacted sand or gravel base with tile spacers between the pavers to keep them correctly spaced and aligned.

But due to their exceptional strength, porcelain pavers particularly excel as terrace tiles or deck flooring for rooftop decks, elevated terraces, and other raised flooring applications. In this case, the pavers are simply supported by fixed or adjustable height support pedestals placed under each corner of the paver. This pedestal paver system enables perfectly flat roof decks and terrace flooring to be created with the added benefit of hiding any water pipes, cables or other such services under the pavers.

For residential applications, you can quickly and easily transform drab, cracked concrete patios, terraces, balconies, and rooftop decks etc. without the hassle and expense of using thinset and grout. Instead, you simply place the patio pavers over low cost, 3/8″ high rubber support pads which eliminate any rocking due to irregularities of the surface. Any water drains off the surface quickly and efficiently and flows away under the pavers to normal drainage points.


pedestal paver sytem with rubber pads

Covering existing concrete using rubber pads

Nut pedestal paver system installation

Kronos “Nut” pavers on Eterno adjustable pedestals

For vehicular applications, you can lay porcelain pavers over a reinforced concrete base with thinset and grout in the traditional manner.

For more detailed information on installation options, download our Porcelain Installation Instructions.

What makes them so special?

With a unique combination of excellent scratch resistance, frost resistance, slip resistance, fire resistance, fade resistance and very low maintenance, porcelain stoneware pavers offer an outstanding alternative to more traditional terrace paving and patio flooring products including concrete, paving stones and wood decking. From residential balconies, patios and terraces to elevated rooftop decks, commercial plazas and municipal landscaping projects, porcelain pavers offer more options, more colors, and more style.

Unlike most other paving materials including concrete, natural stone and wood, both the surface and body of porcelain pavers are non porous, so liquids, oils or chemical spills can’t penetrate. You can simply wipe or wash off any spills. Porcelain pavers are even resistant to weak acids and bases.
Porcelain is an extremely hard and dense material which resists scratching and marking by most objects. The deck pavers can thus be used in areas subject to high foot traffic such as plaza decks, patio decks and where tables and chairs are in regular use, such as outdoor bars and restaurants.
Since water cannot penetrate the interior of porcelain pavers, unlike more porous materials such as natural stone and concrete, they don’t suffer freeze/thaw cracking in sub zero conditions, making them suitable even for the most severe climatic locations.
Because of the the non-porous surface of porcelain pavers, growth of mold and mildew is inhibited and if any mold should develop, it can be easily washed off with water.
The lightly textured surface, coupled with ultra-low porosity that enables quick water run off, means that porcelain pavers will meet most slip resistant requirements for both home and commercial use.
Since pigmentation is effectively baked into the pavers at temperatures above 1200°C, porcelain pavers will not suffer from fading in direct sunlight.
Porcelain pavers don’t need applications of sealers or protective coatings nor any fixed schedule maintenance programs. Washing with water and maybe a stiff broom from time to time to remove dirt and organic matter (grass, soil, leaves etc.) is all that’s normally required to keep pavers in top condition.
Unlike wood decks or structural wood tiles, porcelain tiles are completely fireproof, so can be used where strict fire regulations apply, such as for rooftop decks in densely populated urban regions.
Due to modern manufacturing methods and digital printing techniques, porcelain pavers can be produced in an outstanding range of colors and styles, including colors that are virtually indistinguishable from natural stone, but with the added advantages of much superior stain resistance and freeze/thaw cracking resistance.
Structural porcelain pavers are much thicker, harder, stronger, and denser than typical ceramic tiles so can be used as floating deck tiles with adjustable height pedestal systems for constructing raised outdoor flooring for rooftop decks and terraces, eliminating the need for more expensive grating or grid support structures.
For the equivalent strength characteristics, porcelain pavers are lighter (only 9 lbs per sq ft) than both concrete and paving stones, so are easier and less expensive to transport and move to the job site. When used for elevated paving and rooftop decks or terraces, porcelain pavers are much easier to lift up than pedestal supported concrete pavers should there be a need to inspect or service any installed wiring or pipework under the pavers.

Size and Color Options

The ‘standard’ paver size is 24″ x 24″ (nom.) and 3/4″ thickness. Selected colors are also available in 48″ x 24″, 48″ x 16″, 36” x 18”, 48″ x 8″ and 48″ x 8″. DeckWay, our plank style pavers which are designed to resemble a traditional wood plank, are 94″ x 12″. A chart displaying the sizes available in each color/style and also the precise measurements of each paver, can be downloaded here.

Taking inspiration from natural materials with their rich, contrasting layers of color, distinctive grain patterns, variable textures, highlights and contrasts, the advanced manufacturing techniques used in modern tile production results in an exceptionally broad range of tile styles and colors that project stunning realism with exceptional richness and depth of color, subtle texturing, sparkling highlights and tonal variation.

To simplify color selection, we group our pavers into broad categories based on the basic style and predominant features as described below. To see the complete color range, go to our colors & styles page here where you can also see the full range sorted by color gradation. Most colors are normally available ex stock, although quantities available are subject to change at any time. If not in stock, the lead time is typically 5-6 weeks. Additional colors are also available on special order.


Inspired by nature, our WoodSide collection ranges from light grey to dusky brown, with contrasting darker veins, subtle streaks and grain features, capturing the classic beauty, softness and subtle diversity of natural wood, with the lightly textured surface and soft weathered look blurring all disparity between the hardness and resilience of porcelain and the softness of wood.


Capturing the unique subtleties, tonal variations, striations, inclusions, sparkles and color variations of natural stone, our Stone range encompasses the broadest range of colors and styles from the bold dark ‘Pierre Blue’ and sparkling ‘Basalto’, the elegant warm grey ‘Alta’, the soft dusky brown of ‘Smoke’, the quartzlike sparkle of ‘Kronos Gold’ to the sandstone tones of ‘Kronos Beige’ and the brilliance of ‘Sandy White’.


Much more than just a replication of drab concrete, our Cement range offers a chic, modern look favored by current designers with subdued hues ranging from the cool grey ‘Cemento’ to warm grey ‘Cenere’ and the mid grey ‘Sandalo’ with its hint of olive brown. Light texturing with a subtle cross hatch pattern offers a distinctive foil to the muted color palette.


With a slightly mottled appearance and lighter colored edges reminiscent of rustic, hand-made clay pavers, our Rustic range captures the true essence of the classic ‘Tuscan’ look with pavers in muted tones of terracotta, bone and eggshell white.


Bearing a striking similarity to rusted iron, ‘Kronos Rust’ pavers makes an exceptionally bold statement in both old and modern settings whilst ‘Zinc’ pavers with their slight metallic sheen, add a spark of life to otherwise bland grey color schemes.


To get a better appreciation of what each paver will look like on a large city plaza in both full sunlight and shadows, we suggest you check out our 3D Visualizer here which also allows you to zoom in, zoom out and rotate the image for different perspective views.

With most pavers, it may also be possible to supply matching interior tiles for patio designs where a seamless transition from indoors to outdoors is required. Shapes such as bullnose, ‘L’ shaped stair profiles and pool edge accessories are also available on special order. Call us for more information.