Xterra Porcelain Pavers

The best and simplest way to create awesome looking on-grade patios

Quickly and easily lay stunning looking paved surfaces over compacted gravel or sand on courtyards, plazas and other on-grade landscaped areas as well as directly over drab, cracked concrete with the Xterra range of elegant, Italian designed, USA made porcelain pavers.

Whether you like a modern simulated wood look, a stone look or prefer classy designer colors, these exceptionally versatile pavers in large format  24” x 24” or the distinctive 36” x 18” size, open the door to creating truly unique outdoor spaces.  And whether you prefer to install them yourself or hire a contractor, either way you’ll be amazed how easily, quickly and dramatically Xterra pavers can create a new paved courtyard, terrace or patio or transform any existing exterior surface into a delightful relaxing and living area you’ll be proud to share with friends and family.

Why Choose Xterra Pavers?

Until recently, your choice in exterior paving has basically been limited to just concrete, brick or paving stones, all of which have their particular downsides, either in installation, care or maintenance.

But porcelain is much different. It’s essentially a non-porous material, it won’t absorb water, crack at freezing temperatures, or suffer from salt staining, like concrete. It won’t fade, stain or suffer from mold and mildew, and is very easy to clean without harsh chemicals. And being such a hard and dense material, it resists scratching and marking, even in high traffic locations.

Porcelain pavers don’t require difficult and messy installation with thinset and grout, are much lighter than concrete, and much larger than brick pavers. Being lighter than concrete and stone pavers, they are easier to transport to site and significantly easier to lift and set into position on sand/gravel beds.

And perhaps best of all, we are able to offer these US made pavers at a very cost effective alternative to other paving options.

Just to summarize, porcelain pavers offer:

• An exceptional range of colors and styles, unmatched by other paving materials
• No staining with grease or oil – can be used around BBQs and grills
• No freeze / thaw cracking in severe climates
• No scratching or scuffing – ideal if you have dogs or cats
• Large format 24” x 24” or 36”x 18” pavers ideal for large entertaining areas
• Do-It-Yourself installation possible for most projects
• Easy to clean. Just a quick spray of water and light brushing. No harsh chemicals.
• Much lighter than concrete. Easy to transport and place in position.
• Italian style and design, but made in the USA

Where Can I Use Xterra Pavers?

Xterra pavers are specifically designed for laying directly over firm surfaces such as courtyards, plazas, terraces or walkways, where they follow the slope of the existing surface. Essentially you can use porcelain pavers in exactly the same applications as concrete pavers with the exception they are not designed for vehicle traffic unless bedded in thinset over a concrete base. But their outstanding range of colors coupled with their lighter weight and slim profile, makes them so much more versatile for any landscaping project, large or small.


paving slab laid on gravel
Over compacted sand or gravel. Just place the pavers over the sand or gravel bed using using conventional tile spacers between the pavers to keep them perfectly aligned and correctly spaced.


rubber pads under patio paver
Over existing concrete surfaces. Stackable rubber support pads under each corner of the pavers are used to raise the pavers slightly, creating a ‘floating’ outdoor floor. The pads not only prevent the pavers from rocking on uneven patio surfaces, but give you the opportunity to make the deck surface perfectly level by stacking the pads up to a height of approx. 1.5”.


porcelain paver on grass
Over grass. Whilst it’s possible to lay pavers directly over turf, better results will always be achieved by digging out  a few inches of soil under each paver and infilling with compacted sand or gravel.


patio paver laid in thinset

Set in a mortar bed. For vehicular applications, pavers can be laid in a more conventional manner over a concrete foundation with thinset followed by grouting.


How Do I Install Xterra Pavers?

You can easily lay Xterra pavers with minimal effort over prepared sand and sand/gravel beds, existing concrete slabs or other smooth, solid surfaces such as rooftop decks and terraces, and balconies.

If you are laying the pavers over hard surfaces such as concrete patio decks, we recommend using our 3/8” or 5/8” high rubber support pads (HD-PAD10 or HD-PAD16) to support the pavers. The inbuilt spacer tabs not only enable fast installation and ensure accurate and precise alignment, but they allow water to drain quickly from the surface under the ‘floating’ deck pavers. And the excellent frictional properties between the pads, the pavers and the concrete substrate means the pavers stay securely in place, normally eliminating the need for a restraining barrier around the paved area.

You can stack these support pads to a height of approx. 1.5”, so even if your concrete patio or pad currently slopes for drainage, you can build up the height under each paver to give you a perfectly level deck. And any water will still drain away via the gaps between the pavers. For minor height adjustment and to correct for any slight unevenness of the substrate, we supply 1/16” thick rubber shims (HD-SHIM2) which you place between the pedestal and the paver.

The best way to estimate how many pavers and pads you require is to draw a plan of your proposed project on graph paper. As a guide, if using 36” × 18” size pavers, you would need 32 patio pavers and 81 rubber support pads to cover a 12’ x 12’ area. If using 24″ x 24″ pavers, you would need 36 pavers to cover the same area.  But if you have any difficulties in estimating requirements for your patio designs, send us a sketch of the area and we’ll take a look at it.

For more detailed installation guidelines, please download our Porcelain Installation Guidelines brochure.

Color and Style Options

Xterra pavers are available in a stunning range of colors and styles you’ll never see with concrete pavers.  The 36″ x 18″ XT-Silver is an exceptionally elegant paver with subtle features like small pebble inclusions whilst the Shoreline Shelly Beach or Driftwood display features reminiscent of crushed shells. And the Tectona or Lapacho offer the look of natural wood but without the downsides of fading, poor scratch resistance, poor stain resistance, twisting, warping or splintering.

All Xterra pavers are 24″ x 24″ except XT-Silver which is a 36″ x 18″paver.
Click on the images below for a larger view.

XT-Silver (36″x 18″)

Shoreline-Shelly Beach







But if you want a wider range of style and color options, then please see the Color page for our structural porcelain pavers.  This range of  pavers is primarily designed for commercial structural applications where the pavers are supported on each corner only by adjustable height pedestals, but they can most certainly be used in any on-grade application in addition to pedestal supported elevated paving.

If you have any questions or want to discuss a specific project, just call us at 866-206-8316 or send us an email.